Thursday, 10 October 2013

Visual Research #2.

Following from the previous set of visual influence Shannon collected, my specific areas of research related to the basic viking-styled patterns, toy and 'pop-up' theatre, and weapon/armor design. The first set of images in Figure 1 present a variety of line drawings that are related to the time period, and can stylistically provide us with base ideas when deriving our style and further developing our branding.

Figure 2 shows examples of pop-theatre and toy theatre. Considering our idea, it was relevant that we gained an understanding of how the layout of the sets would work so that our own environment would have a similar layout to create depth and perspective. The design and graphic nature of some of these examples could also contrast with the tapestry designs from our previous influences with the addition of our own illustrations.

And finally Figure 3 focused on collecting a series of basic weapon and armor designs that were from 800-900 A.D. Shape is important here as their simplistic nature would be the keystone for designing our characters props as I feel that our project would benefit from exaggeration and simplistic designs.

Figure 1                                                 Figure 2                                                     Figure 3

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