Monday, 21 October 2013

Concept Design: The Head

After a discussion with Alan last week we were advised to make our character more simplistic. Alan asked us to create more block like character so simplify our design in hope that the details may come through and help us make group decisions in its simplicity. You would have already seen Jakes  blocked out body shapes go online earlier this week, it was my mission to block out the face. To do this I started by looking at silhouettes of different facial shapes before choosing my favorite to work with and design further details on. 

Fig.1 Silhouettes

In (fig.2) I've played about with the facial hair to see what outcomes seem to give a better feel to the character, as well as blocking out two of Jakes final designs for the face. My hope is that we can begin to get a definitive answer and angle to our work so we can start to move out of the design stage and bring this character to life in 3D. 

Fig. 2

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