Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Initial Character Sketches #4.

After receiving feedback from my group and other course-mates it was quite clear that people would prefer to see at the earlier stages aggressive facial expressions rather than neutral facial expressions. I also got out with the rounded faces and in with the sharper cheekbones (as you can see from the two portrait sketches). I particularly wanted to over exaggerate the nose of the character, this is  a stylized ugly and angry viking character, we also agreed as a group that we wanted, if possible, to allow the eyebrows to dictate the facial expressions going on the stereotypes our animation aims to be driven upon. One thing which has reached my ears and did get through to me, as I wondered from person to person asking what they thought so far of our characters was that it was easy to decipher that the character was a strong male, but not easy to tell he was a Viking. Even though our group has talked about perhaps trying to move away from the generic, I personally feel that now receiving that feedback we should start to introduce helmets, or at least longer hair seeing as we are potentially relying on the generic to an extent for the audience to categorize our character and relate to the animation. Anyway, enough insight to what is going on behind the scenes, here are the updates sketches.

Figure. 1                                                                    Figure. 2

Figure. 3

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