Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Colour Scheme Experiments

With the basic forms and costume of our character coming to life, its time to start thinking about colour, and how we want our character to be presented. Knowing that the Vikings were Scandinavian from our research, I knew that using a colder colour scheme would be beneficial for out characters attire. I collected multiple tetrad palettes to begin piecing together the best combinations of colour for our Viking. 

Figure 1.                                               Figure 2.                                             Figure 3.

Figure 4.                                               Figure 5.

From these collections, I used the colour swatches as the base coats for the clothing, altering the saturation and brightness as I went along to make the colourings colder and less vibrant. Figure 1 perhaps seems to be the best fit for our character, using the right blend of the collected colour palette.

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  1. Hey Jake! Nice work, I'm feeling figure two I quite like the dark blues and the colours seem to be much more in harmony much like a camouflage. What are your impressions?