Monday, 21 October 2013

Concept Design: Markings

Carrying on from the initial costume developments, the arm which will be left bare became an asset which I felt needed to be characterised in a way which could fit with our viking and the style we are using. Considering both our research and our stylistic approach, it became clear that war markings would provide a more detailed appearance even in simplistic forms. I developed a series of basic designs, using rougher edges without being too tidy to give the concepts that hand-painted feel.

From these concepts it became apparent that possibly mixing designs 1 and 3 together could provide the perfect fit for our characters personalised markings. By incorporating the mid section of design 3 into the first seems like a strong composition, however doing so would mean moving the lower band further down the forearm. This will be a concept which will be played around during the development of our character over the next week.

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