Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Initial Character Sketches #2.

The process of developing our Viking is now underway with different ideas regarding shape and size bouncing around. While deciding on the facial and hair styles, it was also crucial at this stage to begin to understand the characters body before coming together to develop our character. We knew from the outset that a strong point of focus would be too develop a 'top-heavy' character, exaggerating the size of his upper body in comparison to his legs which would reflect the amount of rowing that Vikings had done. However, when sketching these shapes, the shorter characters with smaller legs appealed to me more than the initially intended larger characters.

My preferences lie within designs 1 and 4 above due to their shapes. The concept of having a shorter or 'hidden' neck appeals to me as it enforces the upper body size of the character, and feels as if it would also accentuate the characters face. Design 1 feels as if the structure could support exaggerated chest and shoulder wear effectively, where as I can see design 4 being a barer form with less clothing. I think our design process would benefit from experimenting with the shorter body shape.

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