Sunday, 20 October 2013

Initial Character Sketches #6.

These are a few initial sketches experimenting with stylising our character while developing his face. Each design had started with simple forms before I begun developing details and combining more shapes to make the original design more complex. Within each design I wanted to include an over exaggeration on specific parts of each character, having a blend between realistic qualities and a toon style. Some were developed using soft edges where as other used sharp lines to define the face before adding in other facial characteristics.

Figure 1.

From these designs above, sketches 4,6 & 7 stand out to me most. Character 4 has simplistic facial shapes, and can be broken down into even simpler forms when transitioning to 3D. Sketch 6 has an appeal due to his baldness (giving an emphasis on his facial hair) and also because of his nose shape, though my personal favourite is design 7 due to his face shape and his facial structure. I also believe if his forms were simplified further, his hairstyle could also provide for an interesting development when bringing our character to life.

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