Monday, 21 October 2013

Poetry Ideas

Here are few initial ideas I've popped together regarding a poem for our group project. The poem wasn't used to simulate what the viewer is already seeing but to interact as another character with the protagonist (the viking). As the Viking smashes through the typical made-in-Britain defenses the bard/ voice over progresses through a series of ideas, each more ridiculous than the one beforehand in conflict with the Viking. With this being said I wanted the voice of the poem to be received with an ignorance toward the Vikings strength and an adamant character in his attitude that his ideas ultimately will prevail.

A quick note on language, you would have seen a post went up earlier last week with a range of British words and phrases, we are really trying to generate comedy through the stereotypes of each character and so we aim for the bard to adopt these stereotypical English characteristics.

Poem Ideas for the Viking Animatic

Here here ladies and gents
introducing a performance from King Alfred himself
regarding the dangers of Vikings to your health.

Step one to defeating a Viking
Gather the lads, pick up ya pitchforks
Take the geezer outside and fight him
Why wait when you can DIY?

Hmmmm (pause) perhaps a series of walls
Will stop the bugger in his tracks
Surely he will stumble and fall
I said, surely he will stumble and fall… (Sigh).

Okay, well in any case you could build a moat
Bobs your uncle, cheerio old chap
The drawbridge is up and you can’t stay afloat
Not with that weight anyway (sniggers).

AHA! Just imitate their grotesque manors
their belches, burps and farts
you’ll have to hide the cuppas away chaps
Oh and grow some hair and bigger parts

For heaven’s sake, why let’s stay in the castle?
We will celebrate, crack open the wine
The Vikings will be knocked off their trolley
as we laugh in our jolly good time

Bloody hell, tits up we signed a treaty
It’s not like he was a soft guy anyway
(Long pause)
(Cat Meows)

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