Friday, 18 October 2013

Developed Body Shapes

After a group meeting, we discussed that it was time for us to knuckle down and share out the design responsibilities in an organised manner. It was decided that we would split the character design into two categories; face and hair, and body and props. After deciding on an initial body structure, it was advised to simplify our initial body build down into simple shapes so that it would be easier to breakup the design when re-drawing our character in other poses, as well imagining our character in 3D. Below are the interpretations of the original body build #1. on our previous design sheet (Found Here).

Figure 1

When creating these frameworks, it became apparent that there were two ways of developing this character. Both designs are developed using circles and squares, however one provides a friendlier aura where as the other suggests a more aggressive tone. Personally, build 1 (Left) feels like correct development, being able to give our character a friendly appearance which can relate to the characteristics (Found Here) that we intentionally want to develop within his character.

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