Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Visual Research

In this first set of influence maps, it was my job to look at (in particular) tapestry and art movements following the extended research which was uploaded previously to this post. I've also gone ahead and added a personal influence map of some CG and animation examples of Viking like characters to hopefully give our group a little food for thought.

Inside Fig.1 we were particularly drawn to the over exaggerated hair of the father in a cloudy with a chance of meatballs, this also is present in How to train your dragons, Stoic. We want to push the theme of exaggeration particularly in our artistic style in our animated short to add to the comedic value, to do this bias in hair and stocky proportions could be a good idea. 

Fig.2 is an influence map based on metal objects of about the 8th century. Even though the swirly patterns across the axe (bottom left) may not actually be dated to the 8th century they are a great piece of detail and are often associated with the Viking era. 

Finally fig.3 depicts an influence map of sections of tapestry. Our group aims to use tapestry as a basis for our artistic style and aesthetic design

Figure 1                                                 Figure 2                                                     Figure 3

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