Thursday, 24 October 2013

Character Poses

These are some of my sketches of the character in different poses. I drew these to help finalise the character and imagine how he would move and look in 3D.


  1. Dear all - see below :)


    There once was a Viking who came in by the sea,
    Who, our hamlets he raided, and who trounced our decree.
    His death, the king sentenced, but oh hear our hearts pound
    As monasteries everywhere where burned to the ground.

    Our villagers brave, to their pitchforks they rushed
    But the villagers’ pitchforks the great Viking crushed!
    The Englishman stumbled and ran for the woods
    Leaving the Viking quite free to get his hands on our goods.

    Now soldiers were gathered to sure up our towns
    But the Viking huffed and he puffed and blew their walls down.
    When smashing things up for a Viking’s this fun
    Our soldiers, defeated, had no choice but to run.

    And when the soldiers, inspired, dug an impassable moat,
    The Viking got busy and stayed quite afloat.
    The soldiers then ran to their monarch for help
    Oh how the great Viking enjoyed watching them yelp!

    Then a castle they built, from stones solid and strong
    But a dragon was sent for, then the castle was gone
    The Englishmen, vexed, next a stream train they tried,
    which bounced clear off the Viking, not denting his pride.
    And so to tanks they now turned (this beggars belief!)
    But the shells the tanks fired the Viking caught in his teeth.

    This next bit is crazy, but I promise it’s true
    I’m not making this up, I’m not lying to you
    When I tell you the English, with misplaced aplomb,
    Onto their Viking marauder dropped a nuclear bomb.

    The Englishmen cheered and the Englishmen sang.
    And in every small church the bells loudly rang
    But when settled the dust and clear was the sky
    The Viking still stood – all true! Would I lie?

    There once was a Viking who came in by the sea,
    Who beat all the king’s forces – as for yourself you can see.
    So a treaty was signed, (no more dragons or tanks).
    This is just how it happened and for watching it, thanks!

  2. Perfecto! Thank you so much for the help Phil, I know reading every little bit of our storyboard and going through the drafts prior must have taken up quite some time, thanks again :D!