Sunday, 10 November 2013

Stage & Theatre Props

With the idea of a pop up theatre in mind, I decided it was best to creating a framing device for our stage before proceeding with production. Using some aspects of our prop to frame our stage, I worked out roughly the amounts of space between sky and sea and the action area where our character will be animated.

Figure 1. Theatre Set Idea

Additionally, before compiling the storyboard and moving on with the animatic, it was apparent that our animation was going to need multiple theatre props. Before progressing, I decided on a simplistic hand drawn style that would look much like an amateur pop-up theatre, using wooden colours to contrast our set with faint overlays of real wood textures, as well as incorporating faint tapestry highlights by altering their opacity.

 Figure 2. Prop Sheet #1

   Figure 3. Prop Sheet #2

 Figure 4. Prop Sheet #3

 Figure 5. Prop Sheet #4

With the final hurdles of pre-production coming to a complete close, it is nearly upon us to move on with production completely. Character model progress to be revealed soon!

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