Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Environment Design: 2D Prop Development

So it's exciting to be in the Maya development stages after some tough decisions in the pre-design of this project!

After Jake had developed the look for the environment it was my job to take them from their PSD format, transform them into individual JPEGS for image planes and then to take those image planes into Maya to create a basic shape from.

This task wasn't too difficult as all we needed to produce was a flat plane with a slight extrusion to fit into our pop up set. It is under debate what props we want to develop further in the 3D world, however it is certain that all the props that the Viking character is going to interact with almost certainly need to be a fully three dimensional shape (such as the see-saw the sack and possibly the train). It will be my next job to work on these props.

Fig.1: Completed Castle

Fig 2: Dragon mesh and image plane

Fig 3: Pitchforks under construction

Fig 4: The Sign reading "England this way"

Fig 5: See-saw prop

Fig 6: Sack and treaty prop

Fig 7: Tank prop

Fig 8: Monastery Prop 

Fig 9: House, Wrecked Castle and Nuke prop

This selection of props doesn't cover the entirety of the full 16 props which are modeled onto extruded planes but you get the jist of it.  Whats is next for these props is that they must be scaled up into relative size with one another and then ropes and supports will need to be attached to them to build the impression that they are actual theater set props and not just random silhouettes. 

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