Thursday, 28 November 2013

Environment Finishing Touches

My first job for the environments this week was to address the texture problems we were facing as a group, our original textures were distorted and fuzzy due to the pixels being stretched so I took the opportunity to make a new  texture with a small colour injection to the wooden panels. I used the filter gallery to simplify my initial wooden texture and then used an adjustment layer to give the wooden a more orange-brown colour. After that I used a layer mask to apply the paint onto the wood and then overlayed a copy of the wooden initial wooden texture under the darken blend mode to reveal the cracks and darker wood details which would be present through the painted layer. 

Fig.1 Basis for the Castle UV Texture

Fig.2 House and Monastery UV Texture

Fig.3 Nuke and Nuke Smoke UV Texture

Fig.4 Dragon and Sign UV Texture

Fig.5: Tank UV Texture

Job number two was to start to scale all of the props up and get them positioned into the scene, this was very rewarding because I finally got to see how all my work was beginning to look like as it was finally all starting to come together as a single visual piece. 

Fig.6 Environment Scene front view

Fig.7 Environment Scene Perspective View.

The final portion of work to tidy up the environment scene is too add controls for each separate prop, delete the excess functions from the attribute editor and make the mesh non selectable to that it can only be altered through the use of the control.

Fig.8 Controls in Scene_1

Fig.9 Controls in Scene_ 2

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  1. really excited to see your world coming together - keep it up, you guys - nearly there :)